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Homeopathic Treatment For Acute And Chronic Ailments

Homeopathic medicine is able to treat the two basic categories of illness:

  • Acute disease

  • Chronic disease


Acute diseases are those which are of limited duration, for example flu, muscle strains or fevers, whereas chronic diseases like asthma or arthritis take hold of the body and do not diminish with time but usually increase their hold.



The homeopathic essentially deal with acute illnesses and first-aid situations. If you are treating effectively with homeopathic medicines but the symptoms keep returning at intervals then your homoeopath may prescribe a chronic (also known as constitutional) medicine to adjust your system and prevent further recurrence. 


Chronic long-term diseases and acute illnesses with severe symptoms such as:

  • Very high fever

  • Persistent

  • Violent vomiting

must be treated by a properly trained homeopathic practitioner.

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