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Homeopathy treats the whole person, finding and treating the root cause of disease rather than suppressing its symptoms.

Homeopaths believe that there exists within everyone a vital force that will balance our body and mind. In Chinese Medicine Herbology this is called Qi, and in Indian Natural Cure it is called as prana. Although this vital force cannot be seen and is not yet recognized by science, its presence is everywhere apparent. It's just that its presence is not recognized for what it is. All medical students are taught precisely how the body functions - what the liver, kidneys, lungs etc. do - and they gain in-depth knowledge of the mechanisms and functions of the human body. They know that once these functions cease to operate, then the body can be considered dead; yet do they understand the real difference between an alive and a dead body? What is behind the living data they measure?' What drives it?

According to a homeopath, imbalance will cause of diseases as well as the physical symptoms, the homeopath will also take into account the emotional state and experiences that go to make up the picture of the whole person that is his patient. For example, it may be significant that you wake up at 3 a.m. each morning; that you have sweaty feet; that you lost a parent at a young age; that you have a poor relationship with a parent or sibling. The more complete the picture, the more accurately the homeopath can prescribe.

Healing With Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are drawn from nature from minerals and metals, from plants and animals, from human
diseases and now, in the nuclear age, from radiation sources. New remedies are created by a well defined
systematic process, using experimentation (called proving) on human volunteers that gives the basic information homeopaths use to prescribe for their patients. The remedies are made by a repetitive diluting and shaking process called potentisation. The final product can be 'sugar of milk' pills soaked and dried as tablets, or a liquid. One pill at a time is put under the tongue - this is one dose. Without harming them, the healing energies of living creatures such as eagles, lions, dolphins and scorpions are now being introduced into homeopathic practice, with long-used ones of snakes, fish and spiders. Where available the animal's milk is potentised; in the case of the eagle, the blood on a feather that came out of the bird by accident
has been used.

Every homeopathic remedy has its own picture, and represents a particular condition and state of mind. Each
person at a given time also has a picture which represents and reflects the way he or she feels, acts and thinks about him or herself and the environment:


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