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Homeopathic Remedies For Heat Stroke

Initial Warning Signs Of Heat Stroke

This is a rare but serious disorder, and requires urgent medical attention. It is due to failure of the heat-regulating mechanism of the body. The features of established heat stroke are red/hot/dry skin, very ill and high fever. Warning signs of its onset include:

  • Diminution or cessation of sweating

  • Frequency of urination

  • Weakness, headache, dizziness, nausea, and muscle cramps (these features are very similar to those of heat exhaustion, described previously; the level of sweat production is, however, different)

  • Rise in body temperature


Symptoms Of Established Heat Stroke

Without correct treatment, after some hours, these initial warning symptoms give way to the abrupt development of established heat stroke:

  • Vomiting, chest pain, muscle twitching, anxiety, sometimes mental derangement

  • The skin becomes hot and dry, and the face red

  • A rapid rise in body temperature, which may reach 110˚F (43.3˚C)

  • Delirium, followed by coma ensues

  • Urinary output falls

  • Convulsions and projectile vomiting are grave signs, temperatures above 108"F (42.2˚c) usually inducing irreversible brain damage

  • The pupils, which are initially contracted, become dilated

  • The mortality rate is up to 50%, and death is more likely in the very young or old, those with heart or kidney disease, and chronic alcoholics.


Homeopathic Therapy For The Reduction Of Body Temperature

  1. Unconscious or semi-conscious patients should be placed in the horizontal position in a cool place, and stripped of all clothing. The airway must be maintained by placing the patient on his side, and elevating the chin.

  2. Cooling must not be too rapid, and is most safely achieved by frequently wiping the entire skin with water or alcohol (or covering the patient with a wet sheet), and fanning vigorously. Cooling may be more rapidly achieved by the use of a bath of cool (not cold !) water, but excessive cooling is a real danger here, and the method should be reserved for more severe cases. Rectal temperatures should be taken every 10 minutes, and the cooling operation should cease when a reading of 103˚F (39.4˚C) is attained.  Thereafter,  the naked patient should be covered with a sheet.

  3. Assist the circulation by massaging the limbs towards the heart


  4. In conjunction with the above measures, the following homeopathic remedies should be given in afternoon (alternately) every 10-15 minutes, until significant recovery occurs:                              (a) Belladonna 30 (crushed/liquid potency)                                                                              (b) Carbo Vegetabilis 30 (crushed/liquid potency)


  5. Recovery is signified by a rapid fall of body temperature, and the resumption of sweating, the latter being a particularly favorable sign.

  6. The replacement of salt and water is of secondary importance compared with the need to reduce body temperature, and unless intravenous solutions are available must wait until the patient has recovered consciousness. 

Full recovery may take up to one month, with replaces being common. Ideally, the patient should be            transferred to a cooler climate.  Long after an episode of heat stroke, there may be reduced tolerance to hot climates, a situation which may be modified by the prescription of homeopathic constitutional treatment by a professional homoeopathist.

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