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Homeopathic Remedies For Asthma

In Homeopathy, asthma is regarded as a constitutional problem with a number of different causes. Do not self medicate without consulting a qualified homeopathic practitioner or a doctor.

Where there is an acute episode of the condition the following medicines may be considered:

  • Where the attack is brought on by a cold, dry wind and accompanied by fear and restlessness Aconite 30C many be applied.

  • You many note that the person is unable to lie down and must sit or bend forward during an attack. If this is associated with fear and suffocation Arsenicum 12C would be the best indicated medicine.

  • Asthma after long spasmodic cough indicates Carb-veg 12C. The person my also crave the open air and the skin may be cold to touch.

  • Periodic occurrences of asthma associated with a cough often indicate Ipecacuana 12C. Like the Arsenicum person you will find they must sit up.

  • Where the asthma is characterized by swelling in the throat and passages Apis 12C may be given.


Dose: One dose up to every 15 minutes in a severe situation and three times daily for up to three days where the symptoms are mild.

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