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Homeopathic Preparations And Potency

The substances used in homeopathy are drawn from plant, animal and mineral sources. The remedies are prepared by dilution and succession of these substances. There are two main scales of dilution:

  • Decimal - which uses a dilution factor of 10 and is notated by an 'X' or 'D' on the bottle.

  • Centesimal - which uses a dilution factor of 100 and is notated by a 'C' on the bottle.

If for instance we are looking at a centesimal medicine the first dilution is known as 1C, the second as 2C and so on up to the required strength. If you have the medicine Chamomilla 12C it means that the medicine was diluted by a factor of 100 twelve times. You will see the dilution factor written on the label of each medicine you purchase.

In the Homeopathic Materia Medica you will find that a number of potencies are suggested for each medicine. These are considered to be most suitable for use in the home and medicines of much higher or lower potency should only be prescribed by the qualified homoeopath. The tissue salts are usually given in the supplied 6X potency.

You should purchase homoeopathic medicines in pillule (small pills) form. These pillules are based on lactose or cane sugar. They can be given dry on the tongue or, if necessary dissolved in a teaspoon of water. They are available from all reputable suppliers of homoeopathic.

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