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Whole Foods For Health Healing And Cleansing

Whole foods is a term for foods that have not had any of their elements removed by processing. This term also refers to foods that do not contain foreign ingredients such as additives, preservatives, or colorings.

These whole foods are the same foods that were eaten by our ancestors before industry got hold of our food supply, turning it into products that fit neatly into colorful little packages on the supermarket shelf. These
products , many of which did not even exist fifty years ago, have become staples of our 'Western diets, which many of us cannot imagine living without. They have replaced the wholesome grains and vegetables that sustained life for centuries. Although to some, whole foods may seem like a trend indulged in by health fanatics, aging hippies, and radical youths, there is really nothing new or exotic about them. These foods
were consumed by our grandparents, great grandparents, and every generation before them.


Why Are Whole Foods Better Then Processed Foods?

To help us silence our inner child who occasionally demands a bowl of double-chocolate almond ice cream or a bag of potato chips, let's look at some interesting facts as to why a change to a whole foods diet is necessary for regaining health. Many diets claim to assist in curing cancer, and although each has its followers who have had their health restored, these diets are based on widely divergent theories. One thing that all successful healing and cleansing diets have in common, however is an insistence on whole, unprocessed foods of all or mostly vegetable kingdom origin. Whole foods are better than processed foods for two reasons:

  • for what whole foods have that is missing in processed foods

  • for what processed foods have that is missing in whole foods


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