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What And How To Prevent Asthma

It is important to strengthen the immune system to prevent the occurrence of respiratory infections.  However, in most cases allergy or hypersensitivity often accompanies and predisposes person to bronchitis as well as asthma.  Allergies weaken the immune system and create the characteristic spasm of the bronchial smooth muscles that occur in asthma.  Which can be dangerous and life threatening.



Prevention Of Asthma With Vitamins And Minerals

  • Magnesium - Adequate levels of Magnesium are required in asthmatics. It helps prevent spasm in the bronchial.

  • Carotenes - Those Carotenes that are found in green and yellow vegetables, help to protect the lungs of children with asthma.

  • B6 Pyridoxine - This vitamin has been shown to be low in asthmatics. Supplementing with 50 mg per day over a few months can lead to dramatic reduction in wheezing frequency and severity.

  • Vitamin C - Asthmatics also show low levels of this vitamin. Treatment with vitamin C at a moderately low dose, of 500 mg per day over the age of three, is very helpful for some children in reducing the severity of asthma. Smaller doses do not appear to have such protective effects.

  • Quercetin - This is a bioflavonoid found in some brands of vitamin C. It has a vitamin C sparing effect but on its own is a very important treatment for asthma. The dosage must be at the level of 500 mg per day. It is an inhibitor of histamine and also prevents the release of some powerful chemicals known as leukotrienes, which are responsible for the spasm of the bronchial.

  • Vitamin B12 - Studies of this vitamin show that it is effective in younger individuals for the treatment of asthma. Weekly injections of 1000 mg are required. It is also useful in individuals who have sulphite sensitivity as it helps to inactivate this substance.
    NOTE: Consult a practitioner of your choice for guidance on preventative treatments.

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