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Vegetables To Detox Heavy Metals Against Radiation Damage

The best way to protect ourselves from a nuclear fallout is to detox heavy metals. Radiation damage is basically the result of heavy metals contaminating our bodies. Vegetables from the crucifers or mustard family will do a great job in heavy metal detoxing. These vegetables include but not limited to broccoli, red and green cabbages, mustard greens and bak choi.

When you cook these vegetables, care must be taken not to over cook them. It is best to consider to just lightly steam them. Over cooking will make them less effective in detoxing heavy metals.

Other natural food sources to detox heavy metals includes:

  • Taking half boiled eggs in moderation

  • Eating lots of citrus fruits and its peel. Lemon and its peel is one great fruit for this. Eat a mixture of these fruits.

  • Supplementing yourself with chlorella and unpasteurized miso.

  • Try to eat more seaweeds.

Seaweeds Detox Heavy Metals And Protect From Radiation

Eating more seaweeds is a great way to detox heavy metals and this will surely help to protect us from harmful radiation. However, many of these seaweeds come from polluted water with heavy metals! Therefore, it is important for us to find clean sources of these seaweeds harvested from unpolluted sea.

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