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Tonify And Balance Kidney Chi According To Taoism

The ancient Taoists spoke of the kidneys as the source of life. If the kidneys are weak, the body is weak. If the kidneys are not functioning properly, one will always feel tired and . In Taoist terminology the kidneys are referred to as the moon and water and the heart as the sun and fire. When water and fire unite. they produce great power. In the deep breathing produced by Tai Chi Chuan and meditation, concentration of the mind is directed toward the lower abdomen. the region of the kidneys. As a result of this warning of the lower abdomen. water and fire are combined.

Tai Chi chuan is particularly effective in keeping the body relaxed and balanced. When people get older their bones are brittle or dry, their blood vessels become blocked, and their bodies are heavier and inflexible. The movements of Tai Chi Chuan increase blood circulation and prevent stagnation. The quiet of Tai Chi meditation produces kidney Chi, which regenerates bone marrow.

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