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How To Cure Fever With Natural Therapies

It is best to eat as little as possible during the first twenty-four hours of a fever, as fasting can have a stimulating effect on the immune system, which helps to combat the illness. However, do as the person dictates. If the person doesn't have much of an appetite, just give her plenty of liquids.

Light soups, broths and stews from vegetables are best during and after an illness. Avoid heavy, rich foods. Small amounts of food are best when recovering from the fever. Start off with:

  • Broths

  • Very diluted tea

  • Milk

  • Diluted fruit juice

  • Working your way to porridge and toast


Ask the person to eat frequently with small amounts and if she feels very weak, try serving chicken soup or beef broth.

There is a tendency for constipation to occur during fevers, and the added toxicity from the bowel continues to stimulate the fever. In naturopathic and herbal medicine some gentle purging of the bowel is recommended to help bring down the fever.

If possible, try to expel the fever by having the person sweat it and encourage her to rest as much as possible: however, if the person insists on moving about, a little fresh air and sunshine will do her no harm.

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