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How To Cure Eczema

Skin rashes are very common childhood complaints. Like asthma, the incidence of eczema has been on the increase over the last few years, and orthodox medicine has been hard pressed to treat it adequately. The best that orthodox medicine can do is arrest the symptoms with cortisone and other steroid creams and ointments. Natural medicine, on the other hand, usually has more success attacking the actual cause of the eczema.



Steps To Recovery

It is not at all uncommon, when eczema is being treated with natural remedies, that it gets worse before it gets better. So do not be disheartened, because the condition will eventually improve.



General Care For Eczema

  • Keep all the affected areas clean and, if worried about scratching or infection, bandaged.

  • Keep all fingernails short, smooth and well scrubbed.

  • Check that you are not sensitive to the washing detergents that you may be using.

  • Check that you are not sensitive to synthetic clothing.

  • Do not put wool clothing next to your skin. Try a cotton shirt under the wool garment.

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