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How Breathing Exercises Can Help Asthmatics

The body of a person with asthma shows a lot of tension, because she has to put extra effort into breathing. The chest wall becomes rigid and does not move easily to allow the flow of breath into the lower chest and diaphragm area. The muscles of respiration stay tense even when there is no acute breathing difficulty.


This maintains an abnormal pattern in the neuro-muscular system associated with breathing. The nerves to the muscles of the chest wall have connections to the nerves that control the spasm in the lungs and asthmatics have patterns of excessive excitation in these nerves.



Breathing Exercises For Asthma

A good series of breathing exercises will teach the person how to do deep, relaxed abdominal breathing, which will increase the efficiency of breathing and induce calm. Minor asthma attacks can sometimes be controlled with breathing exercises alone. Encourage some strong forceful expiratory breathing as a way of loosening mucus and increasing the efficiency of expiration as asthmatics have a hard time getting air out. Exercises that mobilize the thoracic spine and rib cage should also be included.

Some sort of body work and exercise should be done daily with the person who has asthma. These can be taught by a physiotherapist, chiropractor or osteopath and be carried out at home with supervision.


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