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Home Remedies For Eczema Disease

There are four different types of eczema: itching, dry, wet, and a combination of all three. They can vary in size and shape and can change in color, size and shape from day to day.


Below Are The Home Remedies For Eczema Disease:

  • For dry eczema, cover from head to toe before bedtime with a thin layer of olive oil, lanolin-based cream with vitamins A and E, Aloe Vera gel or Calendula cream once or twice a week.

  • For dry eczema, bathe only once or twice a week before bedtime with some sesame oil in the bath.

  • Wrap 3-4 cups (15-20 oz) of oatmeal, rice or oat bran in a piece of cheesecloth, muslin or a sock. Add this to the bath water.

  • To relieve itching and discomfort, add 2-3 drops of Bach Rescue Remedy to the bath water.

  • For itching skin without a rash. Witch Hazel will provide instant relief. However, it is only temporary and as it has astringent properties it should not be used on rashes. Aloe Vera gel will also temporarily relieve itching. Try a cooked potato poultice.

  • Prickly heat - all babies suffer from prickly heat; which comes out as tiny little red spots. Don't over-dress your baby and only use loose cotton clothing or none at all. Apply Calamine lotion or add 1-2 cups (4-8 oz) of Corn flour or Arrowroot powder to her bath water.

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