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Herbal Treatment For Chronic Cough

If the chronic cough has phlegm, the most productive way to deal with this type of cough is to concentrate on clearing the mucus or phlegm from the chest and stop its production. By and large, there are two types of phlegm -- cold and heaty phlegm. The herbalist need to differentiate these two types of phlegm and use the appropriate herb to resolve phlegm. For instance, if it is yellowish phlegm, this is a sign of heaty phlegm and the Chinese herb, qian hu (Hogfennel Root) and chuan bei mu (Fritillaria Bulb), can be used. As for chuan bei mu, it is more effective to make it into powder and take it raw. Visit your Chinese Herbalists and they will be able to write you the dosages and a complete formula based on your body type to help you in your chronic cough.

Make sure that the person gets plenty of fresh air, rest and positive reinforcement.  When the person is well, he can take high quality cod liver oil (the while liquid form, not the pills) to boost up his immune system. Note that the color white will tonify the Lungs as well, according to Traditional Chinese herbology. The is one strategy for to prevent cough.

What Are the Causes Of Chronic Cough

Immunizations can cause a chronic cough anywhere up to four weeks after immunization. Another common cause is a viral respiratory tract infection. Using many of the conventional drugs sometimes only masks the symptoms. They appear to relieve the initial problem, but do not take care of the underlying condition of the cough, and weaken the person's resistance. Chronic coughs can also be caused by emotional upset --- and for children, this occurs when they are first learning to communicate, and can't get the words out fast enough to express what it is they want to say.


What Are The Symptoms Of Chronic Cough

Here are some symptoms of chronic cough and the list is not exhaustive:

  • Mucus is very thick.

  • The cough keeps going away and then coming back again.

  • The cough gets better at times and then gets worse again.

  • The complexion of the person may alternate between grey and red with a bluish green tinge around the mouth.

  • She may feel hungry at times, but appetite is generally poor.


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