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Health Remedies

Health remedies is to achieve the purpose of conserving health, preventing and healing of diseases, enhancing health and prolonging life span by means of various health care measures such as cultivating the mind, regulating the diet, exercising constitution of the human body, adapting oneself to cold and heat.  In short, all the activities of promoting health and prolonging life span belong to those of health remedies and preservation. 


How Health Remedies Help To Improve Life Quality

Health remedies is to explore and study physiological health care measures through the ages as well and enhancement of physique, prevention of diseases and prolongation of life under the guidance of ancient therapies and natural cure theories. Health remedies is to improve the life quality of patents and the handicapped by treating the functional decline or dysfunction of body due to various congenital or postnatal factors by way of mental regulation, proper diet, physical training, acumox and massage, administration as well as bathing, recreating, etc.:

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