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Common Cold Health And Healing Remedies

What Are The Common Cold Symptoms:

  • Headache

  • pains all over the body

  • chills

  • a running and stuffy nose and cough


Prevention Of Common Cold Disease

Common cold can endanger the lives of old people with weak constitutions. Moreover, a hundred diseases start from the common cold." So the elderly should take positive measures for prevention described here:

Self massaging-After getting up in the morning, or before going out, first pinch and press Ying Xiang point (near the two sides of the nostrils) with fingers for one to three minutes or rub both sides of the nose bridge with forefingers until they are warm. Then press Ren Zhong point (the depression between the nose and the upper lip) dozens of times. This energizes the immunity faculty of the body ro resist effects of climatic fluctuations.

For those with weak constitutions and vulnerability to colds, take decoctions boiled with 50g of membranous milk vetch, or meat stewed with this medicinal herb, or frequently eat multi-herb nourishing soup. This can improve the immunity faculty and reduce occurrences of the common cold.


Health Remedies For Common Cold

  • For severe symptoms of chills, aches all over the body, no thirst and much clear urine, boil several slices of ginger and brown sugar in water until a fairly strong liquid results. Drink while steaming hot, lie down covered with a quilt until there is slight perspiration.

  • If the patient has marked symptoms of fever, sore throat, thirst and infrequent yellow urination, he may take Yin Qiao Jie Du Pian (detoxification tablets prepared from honeysuckle and weeping forsythia) and Ling Qiao Jie Du Pian (tablets containing antelope's horn and weeping forsythia) or dyers woad powder.

If the ailment has not been alleviated after being treated with the above-mentioned methods for two
days, the patient should see a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

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