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How To Use Seeds As An Alternative Medicine For Health

The seeds of various plants have been used both as food and alternative medicine since ancient times. Many
edible seeds are rich in natural oils.


Warm. It is widely used, particularly for infant problems. A decoction of caraway is good for getting rid of stomach ache and abdominal pain. Chewing the seeds helps in getting rid of hiccupping and vomiting. The tea is good for lumbago, hernia and cough. Chewing the seeds after meals or drinking an infusion (1 ounce to 1 liter water) clears an upset stomach and aids digestion.

Coriander Seeds

They are good for digestion and have an antibacterial action. They are one of the ingredients of cough syrup.

Dill Seeds

They induce sleep and aid digestion.



Fennel is considered as a herb, It is a very good diuretic. It is useful for slimming. It is often given to babies together with gripe water to combat indigestion or upset stomach.

Fenugreek Seeds

Tea made from fenugreek brings down fever and is good for digestion.

Pumpkin Seeds

They are very high in phosphorus and a good source of vitamin A and B.
They also contain iron and calcium. They are good for cleansing the bladder and kidney. They are used to clear disorders of the prostate glands.

Sesame Seeds

Nutritionally they are packed with vitamins A and B5 and the mineral calcium. They contain lecithin which helps combat cholesterol.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are rich in vitamin B complex and protein as well as zinc, potassium, and manganese. An infusion of the seeds made by simmering in water, drunk with honey is good for cough, colds and chest problems. The tea made of the seeds helps measles to erupt. The seeds are used in treating ringing of the ears.

Watermelon Seeds

Good for cleansing the bladder and kidney.

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