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How To Cure Dengue Fever With Papaya Leaves Juice

Papaya leaves juice is a natural remedy for healing dengue fever. It is bitter and according to Traditional Chinese herbology, bitter taste has the effect of clearing heat. It is believed that papaya leaves juice has a wide spectrum anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.


Adult Dosage of Papaya Leaf Juice For Dengue Fever

  • Squeeze the papaya leaves juice.

  • Start it off slowly. Take a tablespoon of the papaya leaves juice 3-4 times a day.

  • If it is well tolerated, increase it to two tablespoons 3-4 times daily.

  • Because the taste is so bitterly awful, mix it with some fruit juice.


Fever may increase or stay initially because fever is a sign of an immune response to the infection but it should drop once the immune system is winning the war against the infection. There is certain school of thoughts that if we try reduce fever prematurely, the immune system will have a hard time winning the war as it is like disarming your defense on and off against your enemy. 



How To Cure Malaria With Papaya Leaves Juice

The same papaya leaf juice formula will work for malaria. In fact whenever there is an infection (bacteria or viral infection) it can be used. Combine it with neem leaves juice, it will become even more potent. If you are going to combine papaya leaves juice and neem leaves juices, then the dosage for papaya leaves has to be reduced by half. The other half will be neem leaves juice as a replacement.

For those who do not have a juicer, just blend the papaya leaves. Mixed it will some fruit juices for better taste.

Some prefer to boil (simmer for about 15 minutes) the papaya leaves. If you boil, then more papaya leaves are needed. Drink a small cup 3-4 times a day.

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