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Man's greatest asset is health and everyone wants to be healthy.  We wish to be well and happy by getting rid of diseases which accumulate in the body and mind.  The food we eat is of vital importance here, yet we worry about its taste, cleanliness and appearance without caring nearly so much about how if affects the vital organs of the body.


In recent years there has been a growing awareness of food remedies and more and more people have become concerned about the side effects and long term ineffectiveness of medicines. Instead they have begun to turn towards the old, time tested systems of natural cures. There is a growing consciousness amongst people that the state of their health is the direct result of both the food and they eat and the lifestyle they lead and also that when the body is in a state of ill health, it strives to overcome the causes. Food remedies with perfect combination of diet help to do this by encouraging the body to regain it equilibrium.



How To Heal Diseases With Food Remedies:


According to food remedies, the perfect diet must be simple and consists of different foods.  This is because of their chemical composition, affect specific areas of the body.  This is the most important aspect of our system of a balanced diet.  It is an organic action caused by the food and has been established to be true by experience over centuries:


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