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Healing Lemon Juice Is Nature's Cure All For Health

It is sour. The lemon juice is nature's cure all. Although it is a citrus fruit, it is rich in alkaline salts, vitamin C and calcium.



Tips On Healing Lemon Juice As Nature's Cure For Health

  • It improves the function of the liver. It is one of the best solvents of uric acid deposits in the body.

  • The juice is mixed with honey and is effective for arthritis, gout, gallstone, urate stones, eczema, acne, boils, blackheads carbuncles, reddened hands, sore throats and rheumatism.

  • Lemon juice rubbed on the forehead relieves migraine.

  • Lemon juice with buttermilk applied over the face clears freckles.

  • The juice applied with the rind to the scalp removes dandruff.

  • The juice mixed with coconut oil applied over affected joints soothes aching pains.

  • Drinking a glass of juice after meals is good for slimming. (It should not be taken
    by people suffering from gastritis).

  • Drinking a spoon of juice in a glass of warm water is a remedy for headaches.

  • Squeezing some juice onto slices of onions before they are fried can keep then crisp.

  • Hot lemon juice with honey clears a sore throat.

  • Vitamin C from lemons together with bioflavinoids, helps to make the best use of vitamins.

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