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Grain Products As Food Remedies For Health


It is a good source of thiamine, vitamin C, calcium and is a compound that can neutralize
acidity. Its mucilaginous content forms a barrier, preventing acid from reaching ulcers. It is cool
and nutritious. Good for throat and stomach problems. It reacts on the spleen and stomach. Barley
water is good for digestion, diarrhea and painful urination. Cooked barley can be used externally
for sores and tumors.



Wheat bran is given for diabetes. Whole wheat is used as a heart tonic. One has to check
whether one is allergic to wheat before using it. Excess consumption can cause stomach disorders.

Bread produces lot of acid in the system. So the best way to eat it is to dry it out. Give the body
a chance to get rid of the poison collected over the years.

Wheat germ

It contains vitamin B, iron, potassium, phosphorous & vitamin E. This helps to dilate blood vessels
and protect vitamin A & C. It prevents blood clots and regenerates the skin.

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