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Bitter Gourd Is Good For Health And Healing

Bitter Gourd is bitter, cold and good for health.  This is antidotal, antibilious and laxative. Rich in iron, vitamin A, B1, B2, and C, calcium, phophorous and potassium.



Ways To Control And Treating Diseases With Bitter Gourd

  • If there is a cholera epidemic in the region, the best way to be free from it is to drink the juice of bitter gourd or that of its leaves (To a certain extent it is curative as well).

  • The bitter gourd juice mixed with an equal quantity of coconut milk is used for 2-3 days as a worm killer.

  • Drinking 4 teaspoons of bitter gourd juice everyday can cure or at least control diabetes (depending upon its severity).

  • Bitter gourd juice mixed with the juice of neem leaves, til oil or coconut oil rubbed all over the skin and washed off without using soap after 2 hours is one of the best treatments for utricuria or eczema. Regular use prevents hypertension, eye problems (sharpens the sight) and neuritis.

  • A recent study doctors shows that it contains an insulin-like substance which has been found beneficial in lowering blood sugar. For the best result drink the juice every morning on an empty stomach.

  • A cup of fresh juice mixed with a tablespoon of honey is used for asthma, bronchitis, piles. anemia, gastric ulcers, cirrhosis of the liver, painful menstruation, rheumatism and gout. It also tones up the heart muscles and prevents intestinal parasites.

  • For those who do not even like to try bitter gourd: Wash and dry the bitter gourd. Slice it into rings along with the seeds. Mix with turmeric powder and salt. Leave them for a few hours. Extract the juice by pressing and then dry them in the sun for a few days. They can be preserved and used as pappadams by frying in permitted oil.

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