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Benefits Of Healing Honey

Honey consists almost entirely of pure glucose and laevulose. In addition, it contains vitamins H, K, and C. It also contains the enzymes diastase, invertase, catalase, peroxides and lipase. Its mineral contents are calcium, sodium, potassium magnesium, iron, sulphur, chlorine, phoshorus and iodine.



The Benefits Of Honey As Healing Food For Healing Diseases:

  • Honey has antibiotic properties. It is used for the treatment of wounds, diseases of the lungs, stomach, intestines and liver and skin. Being alkaline it disinfects the mouth.

  • Honey is a medicine for both internal and external use.  Externally it is applied to burns, ulcers, scalds and weakness and inflammation of the eyes. Honey with cod liver oil is an excellent healing tonic.

  • For high blood pressure, lemon juice with honey in warm water is very effective.

  • In cases of bad cough, chop up red onions finely and add a teaspoon of honey and brown sugar each. Mix these in a glass of water and simmer over low heat. take two teaspoons of this mixture.

  • The mixture of honey and black currant juice is good for chest and throat complaints. A spoon of
    honey a day keeps cold and other infections away. Honey contains A, B, C and iron and
    potassium. it is a natural antiseptic. Bacteria cannot survive in honey. Pollen A, B12, D, E, K.

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