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What is Ayurvedic Medicine

Meaning of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word stemming for Ayur which means life and, Veda meaning knowledge.  If you take these two words together, it means the science of life according to nature or sometimes it can be taken to mean natural medicinal science.


Brief History Of Ayurveda

In recent years, there is a strong interest in the world to learn from the wisdom of traditional herbal medicine, especially the Indian Ayurvedic herbal medicine.  There are many reasons for this, and one of which is that Science is now beginning to uncover some of these medicinal wisdoms.  Also there is a strong interest in going back to nature and see how we can learn from them. There is this belief that all the secrets of life can be found in nature.


Ayurveda is one of these ancient systems dating back many centuries.  Its theories and practice has long been committed to writings, and codified.  This ancient herbal system has been well tested for several thousand years.


Before we touch on what is Ayurvedic medicine, we must first run through a brief history of it so that you will have a background of this ancient herbal tradition.  It is believed that Ayurvedic herbal medicine originates from India and from her ancient sages. This system is said to spread to its neighbors to countries like China, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. It was further developed in these countries,  most notably in China where Traditional Chinese Medicine was born.  In many ways, Traditional Chinese Medicine has been codified in greater detail and depth compared to Ayurvedic Medicine.


What Is Ayurveda

Traditional medicinal systems are very special if you compared them with modern conventional medicine.  Some of the medicinal concepts and theories from these ancient systems are unheard of in modern medicine.  For example, traditional healing systems always emphasize the importance of men living in harmony with nature to achieve good health, and the importance of balancing yin and yang.  These can be quite abstract to the modern minds and therefore they are sometimes referred to as complementary medicine.  Ayurveda falls into such category. However, science is slowly beginning to understand the depth of these ancient medicinal systems.  More and more people are beginning to use them.  The results has been quite good.  If these traditional herbal systems are understood and used properly, their effectiveness can sometimes be startling with little side effects.  Surely, they will contribute to better health and a happier world.

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