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The advances of conventional modern medicine has helped us to a certain degree but its major drawback is on drugs' side effects.  Sometimes, these toxic side effects can be very serious and life threatening.  For example, some painkillers have recently been taken off the shelve because of its life threatening side effects, besides offering only temporary relief. Therefore, this has propel many people to look for alternative natural cures which tend to treat diseases holistically. This is a departure from the over specialized treatment of conventional modern medicine which sometimes has its many drawbacks. Ayurvedic herbal medicine deals with diseases holistically and considers issues at a deeply level.  It looks into the mental aspects of ailments as well. This way of looking at diseases is true to many great herbal traditions including Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Good health is the responsibility of ourselves.  We have to take care of our lifestyles, the food we take, our moods, and take care of our minds.  If we neglect any aspects of it, sickness will slowly creep in.  However, if we put in efforts to take care of our mind and body, many diseases, including cancer, can be prevented.  Our health is in our hands.


Natural Health Remedies

The natural health remedies of many traditional holistic medicine share many common grounds.  Many of these systems borrow wisdoms from one another due to their cultural, historical, and geographical proximity. For example, one can observe that there are many common herbs used in Ayurvedic, Tibetan, and Chinese herbal medicines. They also share many similar theories of how diseases occur, including how to use herbs to balance the body for health and healing.


In Ayurveda, it seeks not only health, but also spiritual growth for the individual as well as how men can live his life and how he can contribute to the society.

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