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Ayurveda does not only focus on herbal, acupuncture and massage therapies, it also looks into the food we are taking and see if that is the main culprit causing disharmony in our bodies.  Sometimes, it is our toxic diets that is the cause of many chronic diseases, for example, diabetes.  Food if taken properly can heal our illnesses as food have different tastes and color.  It will induce and trigger our energies flow in our body.  For instance, bitter food usually is cold in nature and it can clear heat.  Therefore, as part of the holistic therapy, diets and food will be taken in account.


Treating the symptoms only without any consideration of what causes the diseases is not the Ayurvedic way of healing the sick person. In Ayurvedic treatment of diseases, the herbalist will look at the body holistically, and consider what is really throwing the body out of balance.  Then the Ayurvedic healer will tackle the sickness by eliminating the cause.  However, the healer will also put due consideration on symptomatic treatments if there is excessive pain.  Sometimes, it is important to give immediate relief to the person but this should not be the ultimate aim of the herbalist.

The important point here is that the Ayurvedic doctor will always consider treating the root causes of the disease.  Sometimes, this kind of herbal holistic therapy may take time to heal the patient.  However, we must remember that chronic diseases and ailments of the mind and the body took a long time to develop.  It is because of many years of not taking care of our body and mind that resulted in such imbalance.  Hence it will need time to untangle this imbalance.  The process and recovery may be gradual but this is probably the best thing one can do to the body by giving it a chance to recover.



Types Of Ayurvedic Therapies For Treatment Of Ailments

The most important type of therapy is to ensure that the body is in balance, especially for the doshas.  Therefore, the Ayurvedic therapist will have to study the individual body constitution properly for the matching of herbs to correct the imbalance.  This may involve various cleansing therapies, internal and external, as well as surgical therapy if necessary.  If it involves the mind, some form of psychotherapy and spiritual practices may be needed. Medicines meant for internal cleansing, as a rule, are used to treat diseases caused by improper diet which can include excessively rich food, food eaten at irregular hours, stale food and so on. External cleansing which has a curative effect includes massage, fomentation and unction and entails external contact with the body. Surgical therapy comprises excision, incision, puncturing, scraping, uprooting, rubbing with a rough surfaced substance, suturing, probing and application of leeches and alkalies.

Another form of healing in the world of Ayurveda is the belief that there is this Supreme Power in the universe.  This power has a certain control over us.  We must live our lives in harmony with this universal energy for good health and peace of mind.  Sometimes, the ancient people believe that by performing some offerings, fasting, or spiritual practices, one will be able to activate one's inner energies to be in line with this universal force, thus giving us strength, health and peace of mind.  This certainly has a significant impact on people who truly believe in this.

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