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Ayurvedic herbal medicine looks at diseases in a very different manner compared to what we are used to think in conventional medicine.  The Ayurvedic physician will have to examination the patients carefully, understanding the body as a whole before making any judgments on the illness.  The herbalist would have to understand the individual body type and the affected doshas.  Only then can the herbalist choose the correct Ayurveda herbs or herbal formula, or acupuncture points for the patients according to the root causes of the disease signs and symptoms.  He has to be treated holistically, and from the root.


Allow me to give you a simple example on the thoughts that may go through an Ayurvedic herbalist.  For instance, if a patient is presented with a headache, the herbalist would have to question the patient in detail to determine the root causes of the headache.  If the root causes is due to a stomach imbalance, then the Ayurvedic doctor would have use herbs or some Ayurvedic strategies to correct the imbalance in the stomach.  By correcting this bodily imbalance, the headache would be resolved without the need to treat the headache directly.  Some of the important principles involved in curing and healing the disease include a thorough understanding of the disease signs and symptoms to determine the actual root imbalance of the body and mind, and applying the correct Ayurvedic remedies, acupuncture, or massage strategies to correct those imbalances.  Understanding this is much more important than being able to determine the name of the disease.


Ayurvedic Remedies Treat Root Causes Of Diseases

The causes of diseases can be a very complicated matter.  However to a skilled Ayurvedic doctor, his experience will be able to determine the imbalance of the body and mind almost without flaw.  His method of examination includes questioning the patients in detail, observing the patients facial color, his tongue, and applying pulse diagnosis.  Some of the causes of illnesses can be related to chronic conditions which may be due to improper lifestyle and diet choices.  Some may be due to exogenous elements like seasons and weather.  Interestingly, many of our modern ailments are due to disharmony of our moods and mind including stress.  These factors are very common in our modern hectic lifestyles and they throw our doshas off balance, inviting diseases of all kinds to invade the body.


Once the root imbalance has been identified, the Ayurvedic doctor can use various strategies to correct it.  One of the common herbal principle is the application of counteracting strategies.  For instance, if the doshas were affected due to excess heat, then cold herbs must be used.  If there is excess cold in the body, then heaty herbs can be used to correct it.   Sometimes, an early diagnosis make it easy to solve the sickness.  A few doses of herbal strategies will suffice.  Chronic conditions, for example diabetes, will need long term treatment of herbal strategies, the application of acupuncture, as well as the changing our diets and lifestyles.  The work of the herbalist becomes more difficult and the cooperation from the patients to make these changes in their life is very important.  Or else, it is almost important to make lasting improvement in their health.

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