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Ayurvedic Natural Herbal Cures Principles

The Ayurvedic healer will need to examine the patient's body type carefully and match it with the right herbs to correct the imbalances in the body.


Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment Principles

Ayurvedic natural herbal cures principles are very different from conventional medicine because the treatment principles and the selection of medicines or herbs depends upon several factors:

  • Doshas.  Many internal and external factors and environment may throw the doshas off balance.  For instance, seasonal changes and changes in the weather is some of the common phenomena that affects the equilibrium of the doshas.  Once the doshas is affected, it is easy for diseases to set in.  It is important to choose the right herbs to correct this imbalance.

  • Ayurvedic herbal remedies must always base on the body types of the individual.  Herbs need to be tailor made to match the sources of imbalance.  One herb or one formula fits all type of treatment will only lead to complications and side effects.  Herbs with their different qualities of color and tastes will affect the body in a very different manner.  The herbalist needs to understand in detail how each and every herb works.  Then based on the age, weight, sickness and body type of the patient, the ayurvedic therapists will have to choose the right herbs for the condition at hand.

  • Time and duration of treatment must always depend on the disease conditions and the patient's body and age.  Usually, taking herbs too late at night is not good for the body.

  • The strength of the patient, his body type, how sick he is or how resilient he is will influence the herbalist in his selection of treatment strategies.

  • Body structure of the patient is also a consideration.  Is he fat or slim, big and strong in size or fragile in nature?  Each of these factors will give the Ayurvedic herbalist an indication of the patient's health and this clue will help him in the selection of herbs to match the individual conditions.

  • Diet plays an important role in health and healing.  The Ayurvedic healer needs to pay close attention on this point and advice the patients on food and diets.  This will also influences the Ayurvedic practitioner in his selection of herbs.

  • Mental state is something Ayurveda pays lots of attention to.  Mind is chief.  And many diseases originate from the mind.  Once the mind is healthy, diseases may just disappear.  Therefore, treating the person at his emotional level is also very important.  Sometimes, strong emotions like fear and grief can throw the patients' doshas off balance instantaneously.  Acupuncture and herbs under the hands of a skillful Ayurvedic practitioner will help solve some of these deeply rooted emotional issues.

  • Age is an obvious consideration.  Special care must be given to babies, young children and old patients, and the choice of herbs need to adjusted for this factor.

Ayurveda Natural Herbal Treatments Depends On Disease Types

Depending on the kind of disease, Ayurveda offers various herbal therapies, which are of six types:

  • Lightening therapy or Langhana

  • Nourishing therapy or Brimhana

  • Oleation therapy or Snehana

  • Fomentation therapy or Svedana

  • Drying therapy or Rukshana

  • Astringent therapy or Stambhana

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