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The Science of Ayurvedic herbal therapy is based on the wisdom of the ancient Indian Sages, and has its roots in the Indian culture.  Its historical origins does not make it less scientific.  In fact, Ayurvedic principles are based on sound physiology and pharmacology, as well as firm pathological and diagnostics principles.  Science is beginning to fully appreciate some of its wisdom.  The birth of Ayurvedic healing science is based on man's response to diseases and its environment.  It has stood the test of time, and has gone through thousand of years of human testing with real life cases and results.  It has evolved into a highly effective form of herbal medicine which, if understood and used properly, can be highly effective in tackling all kinds of diseases and ailments, including chronic diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and even cancer.


Ayurvedic herbalism can be applied universally to all races, culture and religious background.  Everyone can benefit from Ayurveda especially its philosophy in life.  Ayurvedic science has its ultimate goal of achieving not only bodily freedom from illness but also mental freedom from stress.



Holistic Healing Of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient scientific codification on health.  When the ancient healers of India talked about health, they were referring to physical and mental health.  These two aspects are inter-related.  If one experience lots of mental stress in one's daily life with lots of emotional ups and downs, your physical health will surely be affected.  To achieve a peaceful and happy life, Ayurvedic herbal therapy offers many advices on our daily life, including healing diets and code of conducts.  These guidelines will help us to live a harmonious life.  Eventually, there is the encouragement for us to find our own spiritual path so that we can attain a certain degree of peace and happiness in our lives.  Therefore, it is important to note that our physical health is related to our spiritual growth.  In this way, the healing science of Ayurveda is said to be truly holistic.


The holistic healing principles of Ayurveda concentrate on balancing the body and mind, especially the three doshas.  They are basically represented by wind, bile and phlegm, relating to vayu, pitta and kapha respectively.  Any imbalance of these elements will invite diseases to our body and mind.  These are basic subtle elements in our body and it takes quite a lot of effort to restrain ourselves in many sensory temptations in the modern world to really ensure that they stay at equilibrium. 


Besides the right diet and food, relaxation and learning how to live a stress free life helps in maintaining this equilibrium to a certain extent.  Daily meditation is also part of an Ayurvedic healing strategy.  Therefore, we must try our best to set aside some time to relax and stay quiet, giving the mind an opportunity to achieve deep relaxation for real healing to take place.  Healing the body is not complete without healing the mind.  The ancient Sages of India know that mental health is one of the keys to the secrets of life. 


In fact, Science now knows that our thoughts can affect the cells.  Bad thoughts is like feeding our cells with toxic chemicals while good and happy thoughts are like supplying super nutrients to our cells.  Apply this principle and cancer cells will have trouble multiplying and may go into remission.  Take away this from the equation and you will find that healing your health can be difficult to achieve real lasting results.  Health needs to be healed holistically from the inside out, and Ayurvedic herbal medicine is really good at this, taking into account the workings of the mind on health and disease.


Therapeutic Effects Of Ayurvedic Herbs

Ayurvedic herbs are usually make use of natural resources from nature.  They can be made from plants and vegetables, animal products and minerals. It is best to avoid the use of known toxic ingredients like mercury because there is always another safer herbal strategy to solve the same health problem.


The herbs' therapeutic qualities depends on the skill of the Ayurvedic healer.  You can have the greatest herbs at your disposal but if the herbal doctor is not skillful and cannot solve the root problem, then these herbs become meaningless.  Remember that if you find an Ayurvedic physician who base their herbs on the disease without matching it with the patients' body types, you know that he is not a good herbalist.  A good herbalist always tries to match the herbs to the patients' body types, and that is when the therapeutic effects of the herbs will be clearly experienced.


Once the problem has been solved, the patients need to continue making wiser diet and lifestyle choices to maintain good health.  Our health is in our hands.  If we want to see real results on a long term basis, we need to make wise adjustments to our body and mind for perfect health to be possible.



Healing Principles Of Ayurvedic Alternative Therapy

Ayurvedic herbal therapy focuses on eliminating the root imbalance in the body.  For the same disease, the application of Ayurvedic strategies may be different.  For instance, if a person has fever, the Ayurvedic doctor would have to ascertain the root problem and apply the right herbs to match the symptoms and body type of the patient.  If the fever is due to exogenous wind cold, then heaty herbs need to be used.  However, if the feverish condition is the result of wind heat, then cold herbs need to be utilized instead.  Neglecting these basic herbal principles will lead to contraindications and side effects.  The ability of the herbalist to identify these issues separate a skillful herbalist from an unskillful one.


The Ayurvedic alternative medicine also emphasizes that man is part of the universe --- the microcosm unit within the macrocosm.  Therefore, living with harmony with nature is one of the key secrets to health and healing. For example, if someone sleeps during the day and wakes up during the night, this is against nature's law and he will surely end up in bad health sooner or later.  We can learn from the healing wisdom of Ayurvedic Sages and apply them to our daily lives.  This will surely bring benefits to us, to our families and to the society at large.

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