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Ayurvedic Bronchial Asthma Herbal Cures

Causes And Treatment for Bronchial Asthma

In Ayurvedic herbal medicine, bronchial asthma or sometimes referred to as tamaka swasa may have its cause from the stomach.  The lungs could be an indirect result.  This is not always certain.  Therefore, it is best to get a skilled Ayurvedic herbalist to ascertain if the lungs is the direct or indirect cause.  Before the the bronchial asthmatic attack or at the beginning stage of the attack, one may be down with constipation, diarrhea, or even indigestion.  The herbalist will have to immediately attend to all areas of concern besides the lungs and nose, including the stomach and bowels.  Sometimes, in cases of chronic conditions, strengthening the heart is also an important consideration.



Bronchial Asthma Ayurvedic Herbal Remedies

In different herbal traditions, there are various herbal remedies to cure asthma.  In Ayurvedic bronchial asthma herbal cures, we can consider using the following herbal remedies:


Chyavanaprasha and Agastya  rasayana both Ayurvedic recipes used as tonics, are commonly used in treatment. The chief ingredient of Chyavanaprasha is the fruit of amalaki (Emblica officinalis), a medicinal plant. This is an important source of Vitamin C. Unlike citrus fruits, the Vitamin C content in amalaki does not get destroyed even, after boiling for a considerable period. The fruit of haritaki (Terminalia chuhula) is the main ingredient of the other medicine, Agastya rasayana Chyavanaprasha is used more as a tonic and is specifically prescribed for bronchial asthma patients who are emaciated and weak.


Those who are constipated and also those who often complain of sneezing, blocking of the nostrils and congestion of the throat, are given Agastya rasayana. It usually takes two to three weeks for them to act fully. In chronic cases, they may take still more time. However, they reduce the acuteness of the attack immediately making the duration of the attack comparatively shorter. Even the gap between two attacks will increase and the patient will have time to restore his health in order to successfully fight the next attack.

Other medicines contain mineral products and are useful in reducing the attacks of asthma immediately. They are Shvasa kasa chintamani rasa, Suvarna pushpasuga rasa, Kanakasava, all Ayurvedic recipes made of various medicinal herbs and readily available in Ayurvedic clinics and centers.. These medicines may, at times, produce side-effects. Therefore, they should preferably be taken under the supervision of an expert physician. Diet and regimen: Yogurt, butter-milk, babanas, guavas and fried food should be strictly avoided.
A light supper is advised. Avoid smoking, hard exercise, and reduce the intake of tea or coffee to not more than two cups a day. Alcoholic beverages are permitted but in small quantities. Protection is necessary from rain and severe cold winds.

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