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What Is Good Health

To many people health is a state where one is free from disease.  However, in this ancient art of healing, the ancient sages of Ayurveda regards health at a deeper level.  It is a state whereby one is free from diseases of the body and mind, as well as at the spiritual level.  According to the Vedic philosophy, our life can only be meaningful if we live according to the natural laws of dharma.  We need to fulfill our various duties as a householder and also undertake various practices in the spiritual path for final salvation, enlightenment (moksha) -- the ultimate goal.  Therefore, it is clear that that a true practitioner of Ayurveda undertakes and improve themselves spiritually towards total "dis-ease" and achieve a state of Ayurveda health in its true sense.


Cause Of Disease

India has a long history of spiritual and medicinal practices, tracing as far back as the Vedic period, some several thousand years ago.  In the Vedas, it contains numerous medical references to the body, including anatomy, the digestive systems, metabolism, as well as detail description of diseases and bacteria.  It also contain an important concept on health relating to the balancing of vayu or vata, pitta, and kapha.  These three elements are represented by wind, bile, and phlegm in our bodies, and if they are out of balance, diseases and discomfort in our bodies will be the result.  The ultimate aim of the herbalist is to balance these elements and the body and its immune system will be intelligent enough to maintain health and ward off diseases.  Therefore, one can now appreciates that this ancient medicinal system looks at life and the cause of diseases in a very different way compared to modern conventional medical system.


Ayurvedic Health Care

The millions of Indians have for centuries depended on this Ayurvedic health care system which is easily available and accessible.  In ancient times, is no expensive doctors and medicines, and health is not an expensive trade like nowadays. Ayurvedic health care was in the hands of housewives, common people, skilled herbalists and acupuncturists, and bone-setters.  This knowledge of health was passed  down through generations and was time tested.  It has helped millions of people overcome their health problems and guided them towards a pure and spiritual life.  For those who followed this Ayurvedic system of health care, its wisdom benefited them here and thereafter.

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