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Health is something difficult to get in this world. It is extremely difficult to find someone who never gets sick. Life is such that sometimes we are healthy, and sometimes we will be sick. This is the way things are. So, there is no need to be overly upset when we are not feeling well.

When we are born, there is only one thing that is certain, and that is death. Everyone will die. However, if we abuse our bodies and do not take care of it, then we will live a miserable life with various chronic diseases invading us. Therefore, it is important to understand the laws of nature, and align ourselves to it for optimal health. There are many ways to health and healing, and the holistic natural healing principles are one of the best. If these foundations to health and healing are understood and applied in a proper manner, we will live a life glowing with health. Then we can live a happy life fulfilling our dreams, and doing what we want.

Modern living has its many challenges and it is often very stressful. Stress is the culprit in many diseases. When we get sick, we often panic. Some even spent a fortune trying to find a cure or treatment to their diseases. I have known of people who travel around the world trying to find a cure to their diseases but ended up in vain. Therefore, it is important to start understanding the underlying principles to perfect health when we are strong and healthy. When we are sick and weak and our minds confused, that is not a good time to panic for a miracle cure to our health challenges.

How To Heal Our Health Naturally

Here we will explore a wide range of techniques and principles which form the foundation to alternative healing remedies. We can take advantage of these ancient wisdom to rejuvenate our health and promote peace and happiness in our lives. I will now outline briefly some essential principles for great health:

  • One of the secrets to nourish our health is the importance to slow down to the speed of life. This, by itself, has an immediate restorative impact to our health. Slowing down to the speed of life immediately reduces stress. Stress is one the major causes to chronic diseases including heart disease and cancer. There are many ways to reduce stress but I find that the mantra of telling ourselves to slow down is one of the best.
  • Rest is one of the therapeutic principles to wellness, health and mental fitness. Yes, it sounds simple but if you can rest and relax, the body will heal -- rest is curative! If you give your physical and mental body a chance to rest, relax and be happy, it will repair and heal itself. You just need to give it the right conditions.
  • Proper nourishment is another important ingredient to a strong body and mind. Our cells need high quality nutrients to function at its top conditions. Give that to it and it will do well. Give it junk food and chemicals, and it will be diseased. Simple isn't? But how many people know it but ignore it. Then what can we expect from our health? Orange seeds will grow orange trees, we cannot expect strawberry trees from orange seeds. So please take this seriously and stop giving the body junk foods. Consider juicing fruits and vegetables. This is a great and easy way to high quality nutrients. Organic fruits and vegetables will be the best. I am not a fan of genetically modified foods which create a whole lot of other issues to our health. Nutrients also includes good fats. Not all fats and bad fats. We must nourish our cells with undamaged and high quality fats and oils.
  • Exercise on a daily basis helps to maintain and improve our health. Again this is easily said than done. Please put aside at least half an hour of our time for exercises. Choose an exercise which you like and do it on a daily basis until you feel that you are starting to sweat. This is an indication that energy or chi in your body is starting to move. When the energy or qi circulates will in your body, it will nourish your various internal organs (including your mind!), and strengthen it and eliminate toxins.
  • Make sure you visit the toilet everyday. Your bowel movements on a daily basis is very important. This is one of the ways the body can eliminate toxins. Eat lots of fiber, good and nutritious foods, and try to avoid foods which are heaty in nature, e.g. curry, onions, garlic, chillis, fried foods. Exercise more. Exercise is one of the secrets to good bowel movements. As you exercise, the energy channel of the Lungs is activated. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Lungs energy channel is inter-related to the Big Intestine Channel. This is one of the reasons why exercise will help your bowel movements.
  • Sleep early and sleep well. Try to sleep not later than 10pm. There is a saying that if you sleep very late at night on a long term basis, it is even worse than smoking.
  • Avoid feeding your body with chemicals. I know it is hard not to feed our bodies with chemicals in this modern world. But the choices are in our hands. The next time you feed your body with chemicals, including drugs and vaccines, please consider their side effects and risks. Think about it carefully and make an informed decision.
  • Moderation in everything in life. If we become extreme in the things we do in life, then dangers will come to us in various ways. Be moderate. This applies also to our emotions and moods. We need to learn the art and skill of taming our emotions and moods. Extreme emotions of any kind will wrack our health. For example, if you constantly get angry, the health of your liver will be affected. It is also bad for your heart and may lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Happy living and wish you a most healthy life.

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